16 Sep 2014


illustration by Anny Hoffmann

15 Sep 2014

14 Sep 2014

Hi again - and thanks!

Thanks to Luis Filipe Gomes for these amazing photos by Vyacheslav Mishenko.
If you follow this link you can see a lot of other beautiful 
and sweet snail photos - wow, stunning!

3 Sep 2014

Back in 10-12 days - take care!

Among flowers by Fritz Baumgarten

2 Sep 2014

This way to school..

...it look like an Else Wenz-Viëtor illustration...

1 Sep 2014

Design by Henri Bergé (1870-1937)

 A small tureen and cover featuring a blackthorn tendril and snail finial, 
designed ca. 1920, executed by Almaric Walter, Nancy, pâte-de-verre

A paperweight featuring a snail, designed ca. 1920,
executed by Almaric Walther, Nancy, pâte-de-verre

29 Aug 2014

F.A.S Reid: 'Comic Insects', 1872

 F.A.S Reid: 'Comic Insects', 1872
Illustrations by Berry F. Berry

Poor little Snail,
How very pale,
Your cheek is blanched with fear!
What horrid dread
Has made you shed
So many a slimy tear?

Come! faster crawl
Along the wall,
Leave care behind,—all's well!
That seeming pack
Upon your back
Is near an empty shell.

 Come! smile again,
And let the rain
Of tears at once be dry;
Faint-hearted quite,
And far from right,
Before you're hurt to cry.

No one will doubt
Who thinks about
This great world spinning round,
That all have hours
When sorrow's showers
Make April all around.

 But May and June
Follow full soon,
And joy succeeds to sorrow;
So dry the tear,
And from the year
Your cheering lesson borrow.

Ah, Snailey! see
To you and me
Our burdens oft appear
Much heavier far
Than what they are,
When we give way to fear.

28 Aug 2014

Frog boat illustration...

A cute illustrated nursery print salvaged from the Dutch story 
book 'Mientjes Droom' (Mientje's Dream), illustrated by Fritz Baumgarten, 
from 1963. The illustration is very colourful and in good shape. It is 
bound to light up any nursery or young children's room

Purchase the illustration here:

27 Aug 2014

26 Aug 2014

Traveling snail greeting card

 Slowly, slowly, slowly, the little sightseer makes his way to 
his next photographic subject. What will he shoot next? And how will he 
press the button? These are the mysteries of the traveling snail...

This card is printed on heavyweight watercolour paper and is blank 
inside for your personal message. It comes with a kraft colored envelope

Purchase the snail greeting card here:

20 Aug 2014

'A Fairy and Her Snail'

by Carmen Medlin
Carmen Medlin's website is here - and her Etsy shop here

19 Aug 2014

Snail fabric sculpture

A little snail fabric sculpture handmade in Australia from recycled materials. 
Perfect eco friendly, unexpected and unique gift (for someone special or as a companion 
for yourself). Made from discarded linen remnants. Cream-coloured shell and taupe 
body (or 'foot). Tightly stitched together and firmly stuffed with salvaged fiber 
fill. Her bendable feelers are made from fabric-wrapped wire. Intended 
for display or as a special heirloom toy for gentle play

12 cm/4.5" long (not including feelers) and about 8cm/3in tall

Purchase this cute snail here:
willowynn, Etsy

18 Aug 2014

'You Shall See Wonders' notepad folio

 This sweet little hardbound notepad and folder would be great to 
use for adventuring! Sketch the flowers and birds you see, collect leaves
 and goodies from nature in the pocket. Elastic closure, 50 sheet notepad that is 
easily refilled with junior legal pads. Designed by Katie Daisy, created 
with the help of The Madison Park Group

Purchase the 'You Shall See Wonders' notepad folio here: