17 Apr 2014

Happy Easter greetings!

A vintage postcard by Ernst Fay

15 Apr 2014

'Gnome Home' art print

This family of gnomes is living large in a series of bright 
red capped toadstools! Papa Gnome is walking the family snail on 
the front lawn, Mama Gnome is shaking out a sheet, and throughout the 
windows the pointed hats of the children can be seen peeking out.

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14 Apr 2014

13 Apr 2014

12 Apr 2014

'La Terre'

French textile dated 1923 designed by Yvonne Clarinval for 
the manufacturer Tassinari & Chatel. Dark brown satin ground with
 design of turtles, snails, rocks and ferns, in green, light brown and gold silks

10 Apr 2014

By Italian Bruno Di Maio (1944-)

The Pink Snails

The Surprise

9 Apr 2014

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii again!

'Snakes, locusts, snails, worms, owls and bats, 
the feline race - stoats, weasels, rats', 1911
by Walter Crane (1845-1915) 

3 Apr 2014

See you in a week - take care!

'Wurzel-Märchen. Ein Bilderbuch für kleine Blumenfreunde'. 
by Max Mumenthaler, illustrated by Martha Biber
Zürich, Fritz Ott, n.d.

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31 Mar 2014

Lalique 1900 signed Escargot pocket watch

Three snails decorate the case, back & front, in green pate
 de verre/ red lacquer/ white enamel/ gold, 
shown at the Paris 1900 exhibition

29 Mar 2014

...interior with snail...

A 1924 Paul Poiret interior, with a mural of a wind-swept 
flowering tree, a nacreous snail-like ceiling fixture, and a come-hither 
platform bed piled with tasseled cushions

28 Mar 2014

Snail sculpture in blue green copper patina

Garden Snail Sculpture is designed and crafted by artist Cindy Cantelon.

The original Garden Snail Sculpture is carved in wax, using the lost 
wax method technique, then cast in bronze. This particular garden snail is 
a reproduction cast in lead free fine silver pewter then copper plated. A beautiful 
and unique iridescent blue green patina is applied on the copper then the 
piece is sealed with a protective clear coat to prevent oxidation

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27 Mar 2014

Embroidered casket

Embroiderer was Martha Edlin (1660-1725) and she made
this beautiful casket  in 1671 in England. Martha Edlin worked a series of 
embroideries during her childhood, including this jewellery case, which were 
cherished by her descendants and passed down through the female line in her family 
for over 300 years. We know little about her life, except that she married a man 
called Richard Richmond and appears to have been a prosperous widow 
living in Pinner in Greater London at the time she drew up 
her will, with daughters and grandchildren

Following the usual development of needlework 
skills in a young educated girl in the mid-17th century, Martha Edlin 
embroidered a sampler in coloured silks at the age of eight, and a more 
complicated piece in whitework and cutwork at nine. By 1671, her eleventh year, 
she had embroidered the panels of an elaborate casket, and two years later 
this beadwork jewellery case. The needlework skills she demonstrated in 
these pieces would be important attributes in her adulthood, in the 
management of her household and the making, mending and 
decoration of her own and her family's clothes.

26 Mar 2014

The letter 'A'...

Snails, strawberries and a flower in a Decorated Initial 'A'
from a Manuscript, n.d. manuscript cutting in tempera, gold 
paint, and brown ink on vellum

 Gift of Emily Crane Chadbourne, 1926

25 Mar 2014

Pinocchio saw a big snail...

Beautiful vintage illustration print from a 1927 edition of 
'The Adventures of Pinocchio' by C. Collodi. Illustrated by Frederick Richardson

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